Germany's Schaeuble says negotiations with Greece too slow - sources

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Tuesday that negotiations with Greece were going too slowly, according to two participants at a meeting of conservative politicians.

While Schaeuble praised the Greeks for making some progress in “sub-areas”, he said discussions with Athens remained slow overall and there had not yet been a breakthrough, the participants told Reuters.

They added that Schaeuble said discussions revolved around Greece’s fulfilment of the current aid programme and there was no need to speculate about a “Plan B”.

European lenders on Tuesday played down Greek hopes of a swift end to negotiations on an aid agreement and warned talks must speed up before the country runs out of cash.

An third participant told journalists that the conservative parliamentary faction held a big debate about Greece on Tuesday, during the course of which several lawmakers spoke about their trips to Greece and expressed concerns about the willingness to reform there.

The third participant quoted Schaeuble as saying: “We know that a large part of the Greek population is suffering but the Greek government doesn’t see yet what needs to be done to end this suffering.”

Schaeuble said there was no reason to talk about a Plan B or a third aid package, the participant said.

Reporting by Andreas Rinke; Writing by Michelle Martin; Editing by Mark Heinrich