Fact check: Alabama nurse did not die after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

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Social media users have been sharing posts that claim one of the first nurses in Alabama to receive the COVID-19 vaccine has been found dead. This claim is false: Alabama Public Health contacted all hospitals in the state that had administered the COVID-19 vaccine and confirmed that no vaccine recipients had died.

The posts (here , here , here , here) show screenshots of a Facebook chat saying, “Omg they just found my aunt dead! She was one of the nurses that got the covid vaccine today at her job & they just found her dead” and a Facebook post saying, “My friends Aunt, the nurse who died hours after receiving the covid vaccine is from Alabama.” Captions on the posts include, “Everyone should ask about the Nurse in Alabama who died 8-10 hours after first dose.” and “A nurse in Alabama has died approx. 8-10 hours after receiving her C-19 Vax.”

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine became available in the United States on Dec. 14, as the coronavirus death toll passed 300,000 (here) . Initial doses have been set aside for doctors, nurses, other frontline medical workers, residents and staff of nursing homes, and some U.S. government officials (here , here) .

The Alabama Public Health Department (APHD) published a statement (here) explaining that they had contacted all hospitals in the state where the COVID-19 vaccine was administered to confirm that the claims made in the Facebook posts were false: “Multiple false posts on Facebook report a death in Alabama in a recipient of COVID-19 vaccine on December 15. The posts are untrue, and no persons who received COVID-19 vaccine in Alabama have died.

“The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has reached out to all hospitals in the state which administered the COVID-19 vaccine and confirmed there have been no deaths of vaccine recipients.”


False. The Alabama Public Health Department contacted all hospitals administering COVID-19 vaccines in the state and found no reports of vaccine-related deaths.

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