Fact check: Altered photograph of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS

Social media users have been sharing a photograph of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar edited to change her hair and look like a mugshot. This photograph has been altered.

An example can be seen here and an example without the mugshot background can be seen here .

The original photograph of Omar here , was taken by Associated Press photographer Scott Applewhite in Washington, DC on March 6, 2019. She can be seen with the same expression and wearing the same earrings as in the edited photograph.

The description of the original photograph reads: “Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., sits with fellow Democrats on the House Education and Labor Committee during a bill markup, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Omar stirred controversy last week saying that Israel’s supporters are pushing U.S. lawmakers to take a pledge of “allegiance to a foreign country.” Omar is not apologizing for that remark, and progressives are supporting her.”

A reverse Google Image search of the top part of the photograph shows that the hair edited into the image comes from a mugshot of a South Wales man wanted for drug dealing here and here .

According to the BBC, the mugshot was published by Gwent Police on Facebook after the man broke his license conditions, and received many jokes and offensive reactions by social media users due to his hairstyle. (here)


False. This photograph showing Ilhan Omar has been digitally altered to change her hair and look like a mugshot.

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