Fact check: Photo claiming Biden is acting inappropriately with an 8-year-old boy shows Biden with his grandson

Users on social media are sharing a photograph alleging it shows Joe Biden acting inappropriately with an 8-year-old boy. This claim is inaccurate: the cropped photo in the claim shows Biden with his grandson.

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The text on the photo reads: “Nothing shows you care more than a 77 year old man kissing an 8 year old boy on the lips” (with the final word cropped out in some instances). A post with the claim shared over 8,300 times on Facebook is visible here . Other posts can be seen here , here and here .

While the photo in this claim is authentic, the insinuation on social media that Biden is acting inappropriately with a child he doesn’t know is not. (Reuters previously debunked a similar assertion featuring a picture of Donald Trump with his daughter, Ivanka here )

The original, uncropped photograph is visible on the Associated Press (AP) Images website here . It shows Joe Biden kissing his grandson, Robert Hunter Biden II, after being sworn in for his second term as Vice President on Jan. 20, 2013.

Robert is one of the two children Joe Biden’s late son Beau had with his wife Hallie Biden. At the time, he was at least six years old ( here ).

Video footage also provides more context, with the moment in the photos visible at 8:48 ( ). Biden was accompanied by his family during the ceremony, including his wife, children and grandchildren ( here ). After taking the oath of office, Joe Biden kisses his grandson Robert and his other grandchildren, as well Kathleen Biden, his son Hunter’s ex-wife. He then follows his wife Jill off stage. All these kisses appear to be on the cheek in the video.

Other photographs of Joe Biden with his grandson are visible and .

Reuters previously debunked a similar claim on a photo that showed Biden comforting his grandson at his son’s funeral here .


False. Photograph claiming Biden is acting inappropriately with an 8-year-old boy shows Biden with his grandson.

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