False claim: Photo shows Joe Biden inappropriately holding boy’s face

A photo shared on social media allegedly shows Joe Biden inappropriately holding a boy’s face. The different posts feature a photo which shows Biden hugging a boy while kissing him on the forehead and holding his chin. Examples of the photo can be seen here and here .

The photo has not been edited, but it has been cropped and taken out of context. The image shows Joe Biden and his grandson Robert Hunter Biden II at Beau Biden’s funeral on June 6, 2015. Robert is one of the two children the late Beau Biden had with his wife Hallie Biden. Footage of the exact moment in which the picture was taken shows that Joe was comforting his grandson Robert, who had just lost his father.

The original, uncropped photograph was taken by the AP ( here ).

Video showing the photographed moment gives us context. It shows Biden comforting Robert before entering St. Anthony of Padua church in Wilmington, Delaware, where the service was held ( here ). Biden can be seen touching his grandson’s head, before pulling him toward him and appearing to kiss his cheek. He then pats Robert’s back.

Robert’s mother and sister, Hallie and Natalie Biden, and his grandmother Jill Biden are also visible near him in the footage. Another photo of them together moments earlier can be observed here .

Beau Biden, the eldest son of Joe Biden, died on May 30, 2015 due to brain cancer. He was 46 years old ( here ).

This photo has been taken out of context. It does not show Joe Biden inappropriately engaging with a boy, as some posts claim. Video footage and further photos clearly show this image portrays Biden comforting his grandson Robert at Beau Biden’s funeral. Beau was Joe Biden’s eldest son and Robert’s father.


False: Joe Biden is comforting his grandson at his son’s funeral, he is not inappropriately engaging with a child

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