Fact check: ‘Baby shield’ is a prank gift box

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Social media users have been sharing pictures of a “baby shield” where parents interact with children behind a screen using gloves. The photos, however, come from a prank gift box which appears on the outside as if it contains the baby shield but is in fact empty.

The posts ( here , here , here ) show pictures of a protective screen with two holes with rubber gloves attached, where parents can play with their children from behind the protective screen by putting their hands into the rubber gloves. The pictures show this screen protecting parents from vomit and urine. They also show the box that this item would come in, which has the words “good clean fun” written on it.

The comments and captions on the posts show that some users are taking the pictures of the shield seriously: “WTH… they are insane – turning children into robots – no human parental affection … babies need skin to skin contact”; “How disgusting”; “INSANE!!!!!”; “That would creep me out. No. No. No.”; “Wth????” (here); and “Disconnect. Disengage. Destroy. Die” (here).

The Baby Shield is a prank gift box made by the company Prank-O, visible here . The pictures of the shield in the social media posts have been taken from the fake gift box and the other photos available on the Prank-O website. The description says, “Pack your real baby shower present in the Baby Shield prank gift box.” People can place their real present inside the empty prank gift box (further explanation and videos of the prank gift boxes being opened can be seen on the Prank-O website ).

The Prank-O website says: “At Prank-O we are dedicated to bringing a little deception and a lot of laughs to the gift-giving experience with our practical joke gift boxes. After all there is no greater gift than laughter… except for one of those remote control quadcopter things.”


Satire. The baby shield is a prank gift box made by the company Prank-O.

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