Fact check: Videos of shredding truck do not show ‘destruction of voter fraud evidence’ at Cobb County, GA.  

Multiple videos circulating on social media show a shredding truck outside a government office building in Cobb County, in the U.S. state of Georgia. Some users sharing the content claim the footage shows the “destruction of voter fraud evidence”. This is false. Cobb County officials clarified that the truck in this video did not dispose any elections related materials.

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Posts with this videos and the claim that the scene shows “destruction of voter fraud evidence” are visible on Facebook here , here and here .

The series  of  videos were tweeted by Lin Wood on Nov. 24 (archived versions , , , ). Wood is conservative lawyer who intended, and failed, to halt certification of president elect Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia ( here ,  here ).

According to Wood’s tweets the footage was recorded by a woman who identifies herself as Susan Knox ( here , here ) . Reuters could not independently determine the source of the videos.  

The scene appears to have been recorded on the morning of Nov. 24, according to an image tweeted by Wood ( here ). It shows the outside of 736 Whitlock Avenue, where Cobb County’s main elections office is located ( here, ). 

One of the videos  tweeted by Wood  here , included  the caption: “Destruction of voter fraud evidence TODAY in Cobb County, GA”.  

The scene  shows a man with a yellow vest standing next to a truck apparently from the company Shred It ( ) . Around timestamp 00:45 a female voice can be heard saying: “This is the third trashcan I’ve seen shredded so far, since I arrived here at 10:15”.  

Ross  Cavitt, Cobb County Communications Director told Reuters by email that “the document disposal company was at the building as part of a regularly-scheduled visit to the Cobb Tax Commissioner’s office” and added that “no items from Cobb Elections were involved” in this process.

The Tax Commissioner’s office is one of several governmental offices that are housed at the building shown in the videos ( ).   

Cavitt  said that this firm visits the Tax Commissioner’s office twice a month. “That office digitalizes all documents received, and those documents are scanned and archived, the paper copies are sent to be destroyed”, he explained.   

According to  Cavvit, “the ballots and documents involved in the recount effort” are located at the Jim R. Miller Event Center (  ), which is over 5 miles away from the building featured in this claim.  

Georgia  began a second recount of votes from the Nov. 3 election on Nov. 24, in response to a request from President Donald Trump’s campaign. The new recount, which is not expected to alter certified results that show President-elect Joe Biden won the election, will end at midnight on Dec. 2, according to Gabriel Sterling, the Georgia official who oversees voting systems (  here ) .

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False. Videos do not show the “destruction of voter fraud evidence” outside a building of governmental offices at Cobb County. The video captures a “regularly-scheduled visit” by a shredding company to the Cobb Tax Commissioner’s office; no election materials were disposed in this process, officials said.

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