False claim: Walmart and Sam’s Club adopt new shopping schedule by age groups due to coronavirus

Posts on social media claim that Walmart and its wholesale subsidiary Sam’s Club have adopted a new staggered shopping schedule due to the new coronavirus pandemic ( here ). This claim is false.

The post claims that Walmart has designated specific shopping days for different age groups of customers, with Mondays for those aged 66 and older, Tuesdays for those 56-65, Wednesdays for those 46-55, Thursdays for those 36-45, Fridays for those 25-35 and Saturdays for those 24 and younger. According to the post, Sundays are reserved for “emergency shopping only.”

With inconvenience misspelled as “inconeince,” the image behind the text is a stock photo image ( ) of a supermarket aisle. A Walmart representative confirmed with Reuters via phone that it did not put out the image and that the alleged policy in this claim is not real.

In response to social distancing guidelines during the new coronavirus outbreak, however, Walmart is offering special shopping hours from March 24 through April 28, 2020 for customers aged 60 and above. An hour before opening, stores host “an hour-long senior shopping event every Tuesday” ( here ).


False: Walmart has not adopted a staggered shopping schedule that designates different days for different customer age groups

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