Fact check: 'Craigslist ad' seeking actors to protest against Trump is doctored

A picture shared thousands of times on social media claims to show proof that anti-Donald Trump protests have been staged with the help of paid actors. This is false.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

The post on Facebook and Twitter claims to include a screenshot of an advert from Craigslist, offering to pay “actors” $15 an hour to demonstrate at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona ( here and here ).

The screenshot says: “Duties include protest activity and holding signs that are anti-Trump. Minorities welcome and needed! Looking to fill about 500 spots.”

The screenshot says help is needed “tomorrow”, but no date is seen for when it was allegedly posted to Craigslist. The user’s caption in the June 11 Facebook post appears to point to recent demonstrations in the U.S. by saying: “Who ever thinks the protests and riots weren't staged, think again.” However, it’s also plausible that they were referring to a 2017 protest at the Phoenix Convention Center during a Trump rally ( here ).

Meanwhile, the screenshot on Twitter was uploaded on June 21. Trump addressed a rally in Phoenix on June 23, but the venue was Dream City church, not the Convention Center ( here ).

But, ultimately, the screenshot is bogus – regardless of the timings. It is a doctored version of a screenshot posted to Facebook ( here ) in November 2019, purportedly seeking to recruit actors to hold pro-Trump signs at the same location. That post was debunked by Politifact at the time here .


False. The screenshot is doctored and does not prove actors have been paid to protest against Donald Trump.

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