Fact check: Dominion and Smartmatic voting systems are not shutting down and executives are not “on the run”

Social media users have been sharing content online that claims voting systems Dominion and Smartmatic are shutting down around the world and their executives have gone “on the run”. These claims are false.

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Examples can be seen here and here .

One post reads: “Dominion and Smartmatic have closed up shop all around the WORLD and all exec’s have gone on the run. What does that tell you ???”

There is no evidence to support these claims. Reuters could not find any news coverage on the claims, which would have been widely reported.

Smartmatic, a company that supplies election technology and software, was used in Los Angeles County in the 2020 presidential election. ( and here )

Samira Saba, communications director for Smartmatic, told Reuters via email: “All our current projects are on track. All our executives, management team and employees continue to work hard to deliver them.”

Smartmatic explained in a statement on its website that its two founders, Antonia Mugica and Roger Pinate, currently serve as the Chief Executive Officer and President, respectively. (here)

Dominion Voting Systems, another company that supplies election technology, was used in some U.S. states and counties during this election ( ,    here    ). 

Dominion explains on its website that it will not be closing its offices. ( The company said on the website: “Employees have been encouraged to work remotely and protect their social media profiles due to persistent harassment and threats against personal safety.”

Reuters Fact Check has previously debunked claims about Smartmatic and Dominion, here and here .


False. Dominion and Smartmatic will not be closing its offices and its executives are not “on the run”.

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