Fact check: Video shows ballot box stuffing in Russia, not Michigan

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Social media users have been sharing a video, claiming that it shows a ballot box in Michigan being stuffed with ballot papers. However, the video was taken in the Moscow region of Russia in the 2018 Russian presidential election.

The posts (here , here , here) show a video of three election workers picking up papers, looking around to see if people are watching and then stuffing them into a ballot box. Captions say: “Ballot stuffing in Michigan removed from Twitter” or “US Election 2020 Voter fraud caught on camera. Ballot Stuffing in Flint, Michigan”.

President Donald Trump has made repeated and unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud since last week’s election won by Democrat Joe Biden. Judges have already tossed out lawsuits in Michigan but Trump will push ahead with legal challenges after U.S. Attorney General William Barr told federal prosecutors to investigate any “substantial” allegations of voting irregularities. (here).

The video in the social media posts is CCTV footage taken in Lyubertsy in the Moscow Region of Russia in March 2018 during the Russian presidential election (here , here). After the video circulated online, election results from that polling station were annulled and the chairman of the local election commission and a member of the election commission were fired, according to the Washington Post (here).

The national emblem of Russia can clearly be seen at the base of the ballot box (

Reuters recently debunked other false claims about the vote in Michigan: (here , here , here , here).


False. The video shows ballot box stuffing in Russia, not Michigan.

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