Fact check: Fabricated Joe Biden tweet about Coca-Cola

Users on social media are sharing a screenshot of an alleged tweet by U.S. President Joe Biden saying he is proud to see Coca-Cola “educate their staff in cultural reappropriation.” This tweet appears to have been fabricated.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS

The alleged tweet reads: “I’m proud to see Coca-Cola educate their staff in cultural reappropriation. The disconnect is because the way white people talk leaving minorities confused. Black people communicate a certain way and me and my staff know how those kinds of people talk and it’s time white people learn to do the same #justforthetasteofit #dietcoke.” Posts with the claim can be seen on Facebook here , here and Twitter here , here .

Comments on the claim include “Your president.... he probably thought you wouldn’t see this because you can’t use the internet..” and “Did old Joe just say black Americans can’t understand standard English?”

Reuters found no record of this tweet. A keyword search of “Coca-Cola” or “Coca Cola” in Biden’s timeline brought no results ( , ). Politwoops, a project by ProPublica that archives deleted tweets from politicians, also shows no record of the alleged tweet, indicating it was likely fabricated ( here ).

The claim surges amid backlash towards Coca-Cola, after a video circulating online showed diversity training materials that included guidance that said “try to be less white.” Some users on social media attributed the content to the company, as reported by Newsweek here . Coca-Cola attributed the learning material to a course hosted online ( here , here ).


False. There’s no evidence U.S. President Joe Biden ever tweeted about Coca-Cola educating “their staff in cultural reappropriation.”

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