Fact check: Fake flyer showing a job listing to become a “professional anarchist”

Social media users have been sharing an image of a recruitment flyer for a “professional anarchist” that will be compensated $200 per direct action. The flyer includes the logo for the Open Society Foundations, beside the text “Funded by George Soros” and lists Thurston County Democrats (TDC) as contacts. This flyer and the claim are false.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

Examples can be seen ( here and here ).

The flyer in the photographs reads: “Get paid to be a… Professional Anarchist! Get paid up to $200/Direct Action! Remember, Direct Action Gets The Goods. Contact your local Open Society Foundation Branch”.

The chair of the Thurston County Democrats, Victor Minjares, explained in a Facebook post: “False and forged images are being spread nationwide that say, “Get paid to be a professional anarchist.” This disinformation displays TCD's phone number and an incorrect TCD email/web address. THESE IMAGES ARE FAKED TO DISCREDIT DEMOCRATS. But some people believe them. TCD has received telephone calls from the gullible asking for "George Soros" and other Trumpian conspiratorial nonsense. IF YOU SEE IT, DO NOT SHARE IT. DO NOT COMMENT ON PAGES THAT SHARE IT. If you do either, you increase its visibility on Facebook (or Twitter, Tik Tok, etc.) and are inadvertently helping to spread false right-wing propaganda of an anti-democratic, anti-Semitic nature. You may be endangering fellow Democrats.” ( here )

Minjares advises people to flag the posts as false through Facebook.

Open Society Foundations also commented on the debunked claim on Twitter, stating: “We do not pay protesters. Neither does our founder George Soros.” ( here )

George Soros is the founder and chair of the Open Society Foundations. Conspiracy theories about Soros funding protests and paying protestors have circulated online for years. (Read some examples here and here )


False claim. This flyer was fabricated. Open Society Foundations and Thurston County Democrats are not involved in any such scheme and confirmed it is false.

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