Fact check: George Soros does not own Parler and Fox News has not reported that he does

Social media users have been sharing a doctored screenshot that purports to show Fox News reporting that billionaire philanthropist George Soros is a majority owner of the microblogging and social networking service, Parler. However, the CEO of Parler said that Soros does not own Parler and the Fox News network confirmed to Reuters that the station did not report this false rumor.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS

The posts (here , here , here , here) show what appears to be a screenshot of Fox News with the anchor of America’s Newsroom, Sandra Smith, talking to chief White House correspondent John Roberts. The banner below them says, “Fox News confirms: George Soros is a majority owner of new social platform Parler”. Captions on the posts include, “People are leaving Facebook in droves and heading to @parler_app.. Now fox [sic] News drops this bs”; “Fox falsely claims George soros [sic] is majority owner of Parler ???”; “Knew something was smelling rotten!!!”

CEO of Parler John Matze posted to confirm that the claims were not true on his Parler account, which has the markers to show the profile is verified and he is a Parler employee, as seen here . Matze said, “George Soros has absolutely no association in any capacity with parler […] The ownership structure of Parler is myself, a small group of close friends and employees. Additionally, Parler has 2 strategic investors. Dan Bongino & Jeffrey Wernick. Parler has NOT been sold.” ( .

Reuters was able to confirm this information with Parler.

The Fox News network also confirmed to Reuters that claims that Fox News is reporting Soros owns Parler are not true. Reuters found no articles on reporting that Soros is an owner of Parler (here) .

The fact-checker Snopes reported that screenshot was created from a Fox News broadcast on Nov. 10, where reporters Smith and Roberts were talking about President Trump’s plans to contest the election. They said the banner actually read, “Trump campaign files lawsuit alleging two-tiered voting system in Pennsylvania” (here) .

Parler, which has community guidelines ( but does not flag users’ posts for misinformation, has surged in popularity since the presidential election (here) . It was the top new app downloaded in Apple’s App Store over the weekend of the 7th and 8th Nov., gaining approximately 3 million users in one week, according to the Washington Post (here) .


Manipulated photo. The banner on the Fox News report has been edited. The CEO of Parler confirmed that Soros does not own Parler and the Fox News network said they had not been reporting this false information.

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