Fact check: Video filmed at UK hospital does not prove that COVID-19 is a hoax

A video viewed more than 24,000 times on Facebook claims that there is no coronavirus pandemic in the UK. This is false.

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The live video (here) is said to be filmed at Hartlepool hospital in the north east of England, where a COVID-19 vaccine study is running (here) .

In the video, the man filming is heard asking, “does this look like a pandemic to you?” as he walks through the hospital corridors and car park.

But small amount of the hospital shown in the video does not prove that the pandemic is a hoax.

Hartlepool has recorded 317 cases of COVID-19 in the last seven days, government data shows ( , select the area as Hartlepool) .

The period represented is the seven days ending 5 days before the date when the website was last updated.

Over the course of the pandemic there have so far been 2,153 recorded cases of COVID-19 in the area.

There have been 100 deaths within 28 days of positive test in Hartlepool ( , recorded under section ‘Deaths within 28 days of positive test by area’, Hartlepool is listed under ‘Upper tier LA’).

More broadly, the north east of the country has also seen 2,524 COVID-19 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Later in the video, it is claimed that the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine not being prescribed to COVID-19 patients is further evidence the pandemic is a hoax.

“There is a drug for it - hydroxychloroquine. So why aren’t the hospitals giving that?”, the man filming the video says.

Early studies into the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19 have been mixed.

A combining study has suggested that early use of the drug by people who were not hospitalised yielded a statistically significant 24% reduction in risk of infection, hospitalization or death (here) .

In June, however, British scientists running the RECOVERY trial at the University of Oxford found there was no clinical benefit from use of hydroxychloroquine in hospitalised patients with COVID-19 (here) .

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in June that it was stopping trails into the drug in COVID-19 patients (here) .


False. Official statistics show cases of COVID-19 and associated deaths are still being recorded in the UK. This, rather than a limited video tour of a single hospital site, is evidence the pandemic is ongoing. Studies into the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine are mixed.

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