Fact check: Debunked 2016 Hillary Clinton “medical records” resurface 

Social media users have been sharing photographs of documents online that claim to be Hillary Clintons’ medical records released during her 2016 presidential race. These documents are fabricated.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

Examples of the claim can be seen  here  , and

These claims first surfaced after Clinton’s health became a topic of discussion during the 2016 presidential race.

In December 2012, she suffered a concussion and shortly afterward developed a blood clot. In a letter released by her doctor in July 2015, Clinton was described as being in “excellent health” and “fit to serve” in the White House ( here ). The letter outlined her medical conditions at that time, include hypothyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies.  

Less than two months before the election in 2106, Clinton fell ill at a 9/11 memorial event ( here ). Her doctor at the time, Lisa Bardack initially said in a statement that Clinton was experiencing a cough related to allergies, though it was later revealed to be pneumonia ( here ). 

The “medical records” in the claim on social media are not published on a letterhead and do not include a signature from Bardack. It appears that they were originally published on Twitter by a now-deleted account ( ). 

In 2016, Bardack released a statement addressing the fake leaked medical records. “As Secretary Clinton's long time physician, I released a medical statement during the campaign indicating that she is in excellent health. I have recently been made aware of allegedly ‘leaked’ medical documents regarding Secretary Clinton with my name on them. These documents are false, were not written by me and are not based on any medical facts.” ( here

Some iterations of the claim allege that Daniel Fleck is Clinton’s physician and outline conspiracy theories relating to the death of his father. Reuters found no evidence supporting these claims.

Other fact checkers have also tackled this claim and found it to be false. ( here ) and ( here ). 


False. These Hillary Clinton “medical records” are fabricated.

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