Fact check: Photo shows London Mayor Sadiq Khan receiving the flu jab, not the COVID-19 vaccine

A photograph of London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been shared alongside the claim that the image was staged, and that he never received the COVID-19 vaccine because the cap is still on the needle.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS

However, the photograph actually shows Khan receiving the flu jab, and was taken just before he was injected.

Posts sharing the false claim can be seen (here , here).

The image shows a health care professional holding the syringe - with a cap still on the needle - over Khan’s arm.

“Sadiq Khan having the vaccine with the cap on the needle. Roll up roll up, who's next?”, one post sharing the image reads (here), as another asks, “Why is the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan getting his COVID-19 Vaccine with a cap on the needle?” (here).

But the photo, which was originally posted on Khan’s Twitter, shows him being vaccinated for the flu, not COVID-19 (here).

“The Mayor received his flu vaccination at a local pharmacist in September”, a spokesperson for the Mayor of London told Reuters via email.

“This photo was taken just before he had the injection, which is why the cap is still on the needle.”

Reuters has debunked similar claims about allegedly staged COVID-19 vaccine photographs (here) and (here).


False. The photograph does not show Khan receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, but the flu jab. The cap was on the needle because it was taken before he was injected.

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