Fact check: British politician David Lammy did not write an article headlined: “It will never be okay to be white on our watch”

An image shared on social media falsely suggests that the phrase “it will never be okay to be white on our watch” appeared in the headline of an article written by British Labour Party MP David Lammy.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

Examples of social media posts sharing the image can be seen (here), (here) and (here).

The image features a headshot of Lammy alongside the quote: “Lets [sic] be very clear on this, “its [sic] okay to be white” is a nazi thing. It will never be okay to be white on our watch”.

The format mimics a headline from The Guardian, a British newspaper to which Lammy periodically contributes (here).

Lammy's articles often discuss race issues, with his latest calling on British PM Boris Johnson to take action over racial discrimination (here).

The headline in the social media posts, however, is fabricated and appears to have been created using a meme headline generator.

The website ‘guardianmeme’ allows people to create fake headlines for various Guardian contributors, including Lammy.

The fake headline does not appear in the archive of Lammy’s work on the Guardian website (here), and web searches do not reveal any other articles featuring the comment.

Grammatical mistakes in the headline such as “Lets”, “its” and “nazi” also point to its fabricated nature.


False. David Lammy did not write an article with this headline for The Guardian.

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