False claim: Manchester hospital appeals for O negative blood after running out

A post has incorrectly claimed that a hospital in Manchester, England has appealed for donors after running out of O negative blood.

The NHS blood donation website explains that O negative blood is considered important because it can be given to people of any blood type, making it vital for emergencies or when the patient’s blood type is unknown. (here)  

O negative blood donations are consequently in higher demand than other blood types.  (here

The post, uploaded to Facebook on April 15, reads:

“Urgent appeal from Manchester Royal Infirmary. Anyone in Manchester with the blood group O Negative please donate as they have ran out. Go to Upper Brook Street Manchester, facing the MRI. Share away please!” (here

This is not true. Although the NHS does make appeals for blood donors, it has not run out of O negative blood. As of April 16, the NHS blood service said it has enough of all blood types, including O negative. (here

The NHS has since urged people to stop sharing the post, saying that the information is incorrect, and that it could cause problems and worry patients.  (here)  (here)  

The message also appears to be old. Posts with identical wording were widely shared in 2017 after a suicide bomb attack on Manchester Arena killed 22 people. Examples can be seen here. (here) (here)  

Even though blood stocks are currently within required levels, the NHS has appealed for people to continue donating blood of all types during the coronavirus outbreak. (here

Travelling to donate blood is considered ‘essential travel’ and is allowed during the lockdown.


False: the Manchester Royal Infirmary has not appealed for donors after running out of O negative blood.

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