Fact check: False Mel Gibson quote on Hollywood   

Social media users have been sharing content online that attributes a quote exposing Hollywood elites as pedophiles to actor Mel Gibson. This claim is false; the quote is fabricated.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

Examples can be seen  here  and  here .  

Some posts use this quote: “Hollywood is an institutionalized pedophile ring. It is a den of parasites who feast on the blood of children. Every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children.”

The comment seems to stem from an article originally published on, previously “Your News Wire”. It has since been deleted, but archived versions can be found  and  . 

The article claims that Gibson explained to guests in a green room after appearing on the Graham Norton Show about the “real nature of Hollywood elites”.

A well-known actor speaking to a crowd of people about this topic would have gathered a lot of attention and been reported by major news organizations. However, a Google search of the quote only brings up social media posts, blogs and meme pages.

The original article including the quote was written by Baxter Dmitry, a possible pseudonym for an author who has been criticized for writing fake news articles (called out by Poynter  here ). The website YourNewsWire has also been criticized for producing inaccurate content (  here  ). Dmitry  is still a frequent contributor to NewsPunch (  )​. 

The article has been copied or slightly altered and published to other websites and blogs, which has led to the wide circulation of the quote. Examples can be seen  and  . 

Some posts make a longer list of claims appearing to stem from the same fabrication, which are beyond the scope of this fact check.

A spokesperson for Mel Gibson told Reuters via email that the claims are “100% fake”.


False. This quote attributed to Mel Gibson originated from a fabricated article.

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