Fact check: Photo shows woman with symbolic “body bag” at Miami protest

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

Users on social media are sharing a photograph of a woman carrying what looks like a body bag with one hand to imply that people are not really being killed by the coronavirus. This claim is false. The photo shows a symbolic funeral during a demonstration in Miami.

The claim reads “This is a photo of a woman carrying a dead ‘coronavirus victim’ with one hand… at arm’s length. If you’ve ever had to carry a body, you know why its’s called ‘dead weight’. Raise your hand if you believe this crap. Now… slap yourself with it”. Examples of the posts are visible here , here and here .

The photo in the claim, visible here  , was captured on May 27, 2020 by photographer Cristobal Herrera for EFE News Agency.

The caption says: “An activist carries bags, representing dead bodies during a symbolic funeral protest against the economy reopening without Coronavirus relief” in a park in downtown Miami.

The same woman (see red sneakers) can also be seen carrying and arranging the symbolic bags in a video of the protest ( ). Other footage of the event is visible here .


False. This photo shows bags representing dead bodies during a protest in Miami. It has been used out of context to falsely cast doubt on whether people are dying of COVID-19.

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