Fact check: Highly detailed sun image was not taken by NASA

Posts on social media are sharing a highly detailed image of the sun’s surface up close, with captions such as, “The clearest picture of the sun from NASA.” The photograph, however, was not taken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) but a photographer who took the images with his telescope.

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Examples of posts making the claim can be seen here and here .

NASA images of the sun can be seen here and here . While some of these images show the sun’s surface clearly, none resemble the exact photograph in these claims. Elizabeth Landau, Senior Communications Specialist at NASA confirmed to Reuters this is not a NASA image.

One user on twitter replied to a tweet attributing the image to NASA saying, “I am the original content creator. This is a processed image using photos collected through my backyard solar telescope!” ( here )

The user, named Jason Guenzel and using the handle @VastReaches on Twitter, also linked to another tweet of his from January 13, 2021 that shared the photograph and reads “This heavily software-processed image of the solar chromosphere reveals the complex nature of the magnetic field within our star. Walking the thin line between science and art ... perhaps blurring it a bit.” ( here ).

Guenzel did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.


Miscaptioned. This image of the sun’s surface was not taken by NASA.

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