Fact check: Video shares false claim about nurse deaths after COVID-19 vaccination

A Facebook video features the false claim that five UK nurses have died since taking the COVID-19 vaccine. The MHRA, which regulates medicines in the UK, said it has received no such reports.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS

The video (here ) features screen text which reads: “5 nurses in the UK dead after taking vaccine,”. It adds: “The 5 nurses experienced ‘flushing, vomiting, high fever and severe body shaking’ after taking the vaccine”.

Spokespeople from The UK Government’s Department of Health and Social Care, The Scottish Government, NHS England, and the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) all told Reuters by email that they had not heard of instances of this happening.

An MHRA spokesperson wrote: “We are not aware of any nurses or midwives who have died after taking the vaccine. We take every report to us seriously, and will keep the safety of all vaccines under close review. Vaccine safety is of paramount importance and we continually monitor the safety of vaccines to ensure that the benefits outweigh any potential risks. The MHRA encourages anyone to report any suspicion or concern they have beyond the known, mild side effects.”

A spokesperson from NHS England described the claims as “completely untrue”.

Online searches for the quotes used in this video do not give any results and searches for news stories to back up this claim also did not find any reliable results.

The video goes on to say: “Soon, your Covid Pass Card will give you the right to a job, travel and bank accounts,” “Of course, if you resist, there will be consequences,” and “You will be placed in special camps where you will be re-educated.”

A spokesperson for the UK government told Reuters by email: “I can confirm we have no plans to introduce Covid Pass cards, to eliminate people’s bank accounts or right to have jobs, or to set up ‘re-education camps’.”VERDICT

False. The agencies who monitor UK COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions say there have been no reports of nurses or midwives dying after taking the vaccine.

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