Fact check: Fabricated quotes falsely attributed to Katy Perry

Social media users have claimed that U.S. pop singer Katy Perry made remarks on cannibalism during an interview on French radio. This is not true.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

Examples of posts sharing the false claim can be seen here (here) and (here).

The posts show a segment of an article from a website named ‘YourNewsWire’, which was published in 2017.

An archived version of the article reveals it claimed that during an interview on French radio Perry said that “human meat is the best, the absolute best, meat in the world” and that cannibalism has “gotten a bad rep” due to “squeamish Christians and their hypocritical virtues and morals”.

There is no evidence that Perry made these comments, either on French radio or elsewhere. The fabricated quotes seem to be a nod to towards the music video for Perry’s 2017 song "Bon Appetit", which features the pop star being prepared and served as a meal (here).

YourNewsWire had articles fact-checked over 80 times before it ceased publishing under this name in 2018 (here). The article referenced in this post was fact-checked by Snopes in 2017 (here).


False. The comments are fabricated and first appeared in an article by a fake news website.

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