Fact check: Philadelphia did not stop counting votes on the night of November 3

A claim that Philadelphia stopped counting mail-in ballots on Election Night has been circulating online. This is incorrect: Philadelphia did not stop counting votes on the night of Nov. 3.

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The claim was made in a New York Post headline (here) and echoed by social media users (here and here) .

The confusion seemed to originate on Twitter when independent reporter Max Marin, who is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, tweeted at 9:30pm (0230 GMT): “No more mail ballot results tonight.”

Marin’s tweet was quoted in the New York Post article, headlined “Philadelphia stops counting mail-in ballots for the night”.

Marin has since said on Twitter that he deleted his original tweet to avoid any further confusion (here) , and emphasized in another tweet (here) that counting goes on 24/7, but the results are not constantly updated.

Ballot counting in Philadelphia is live streamed on YouTube (Philadelphia City Commissioners Live Stream) .

Al Schmidt, Philadelphia City commissioner responsible for elections and voter registration, tweeted at 3am (0800 GMT) on Nov. 4: “Philadelphia will NOT stop counting ALL legitimate votes cast by eligible voters. And we will report and report and report until the last vote is counted” (here) .

He added an hour later that Philadelphia had updated its results page to include more than 65,000 mail-in votes “with many more to count” (here) .


False. Philadelphia did not stop counting mail-in votes on election night. Ballots were and continue to be counted 24/7. There was a pause only in updating results.

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