Fact check: Photo shows 2019 music festival in Zurich, Switzerland not Trump rally in Ocala, Florida

Social media users have been sharing a photo of a music festival in Zurich in 2019, saying it shows a rally for President Trump in Ocala, Florida.

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The posts (  here  ,  here  ,  here  ) show a picture of a bridge and the surrounding area filled with dense crowds of people, with the caption, “Keep listening to the polls. Ocala Florida Yesterday.”   

President Trump held a rally at Ocala International Airport in Florida on Friday Oct. 16, ahead of the U.S. presidential elections on Nov. 3 (here).   

Video footage of the Ocala rally, which can be seen at the start of these recordings  ,  , shows that the crowds were smaller than those pictured in the photo shared on social media.  

Aerial footage of Ocala visible on Google satellite view at this link  does not show any similar bridge structures. The city does not appear to have any major bodies of water as seen in these posts within it and near the airport (the silver river ends to the city’s northeast, appearing much smaller than the bay in these posts, see here!3m1!1e3 ).  

The photo shows an electronic music festival called Street Parade, which took place in Zurich in August 2019 (here). A high-resolution version of the same image can be seen on the event website, and a Swiss flag can be seen flying from the most prominent building (here).  

It’s not the first time this image has been misattributed online: Reuters in August fact-checked false posts claiming that the photo shows crowds in Berlin protesting against coronavirus restrictions (here). 

The presidential candidates have taken different approaches to their campaign events in light of COVID-19: Trump has been holding large rallies at which attendees have not maintained social distance and some have not worn masks, while Biden had kept a reduced schedule with attendance sometimes limited (here). 

Biden is currently leading opinion polls at the national level (here). Reuters/Ipsos opinion polls showed on Oct. 14 that Trump pulled into a statistical tie with Biden in Florida, which is one of the election’s most important battlegrounds (here). 


False. The photo shows a 2019 music festival in Zurich, not Trump’s recent rally in Ocala, Florida.

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