Fact check: Video contains false claims about COVID-19 vaccine

A video shared over 2,300 times on Facebook includes false information about COVID-19 vaccines, such as a suggestion that that one hundred volunteers died following a clinical trial.

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The clip was posted to Facebook on Dec. 4 (here) and shows narration from a man said to be called Charlie Ward. This article will address the main statements made by the speaker, which have been shared and repeated by other Facebook users (here).

In the video, Ward claims to have received information claiming that “every single one of the 100 people that tested the Gates vaccine out has now died. They all died within 7 days of having it.” He also goes on to claim that the “new vaccine” is designed for population reduction. These claims are false.

Firstly, there is not an experimental COVID-19 vaccine that is referred to as “the Gates vaccine”. A list of the COVID-19 candidate vaccines and their developers can be seen here . The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has committed millions in funding to develop COVID-19 vaccines and assist their distribution (here), but it is not creating its own.

Secondly, there is no evidence to support the claim that 100 people died during a trial of any COVID-19 vaccine. This claim can be seen on a handful of social media posts dating back to Nov. 14, 2020 (here) but no credible source for such information has emerged.

Reuters reported in October that a volunteer in AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine trial had died, but added that the trial would continue (here). At the time, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters the trial would have been suspended if the volunteer who died had received the COVID-19 vaccine, suggesting the person was part of the control group that was given a meningitis jab.

AstraZeneca published its peer-reviewed trial data in British medical journal The Lancet on Dec. 8 for public scrutiny (here, reported by Reuters here).

On Nov. 10, a trial for China’s Sinovac vaccine was also halted after a volunteer died. The state government of Sao Paulo, where the trial was run, said the death had been registered as a suicide and was being investigated (here) .

As Pfizer’s vaccine was rolled out across the UK in a world first (here), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) staff said on Dec. 8 there were a total of six deaths in Pfizer’s 44,000-person trial. Two deaths were among those who got the vaccine; the rest had received a placebo.

“All deaths represent events that occur in the general population at a similar rate”, FDA staff said (here).

Vaccines are thoroughly tested for safety and are given to thousands of volunteers before they are rolled out en masse (here).

The speaker’s claim that the COVID-19 vaccine is being used for population reduction is not supported by evidence. Reuters has previously debunked this claim (here , here).


False. There is no evidence that 100 volunteers died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Bill Gates is funding vaccine development but not producing one himself. A small number of deaths have been reported during clinical trials, but they have not caused concern about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. All vaccines are tested rigorously to ensure their safety and the coronavirus vaccines are no different.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our work to fact-check social media posts here .