False claim: In 2015, Trump tweeted that if “Dow Joans” plunges, US president should be shot out of a cannon

Numerous accounts on Twitter here ; here and Facebook here have posted a screenshot making the claim that in 2015, Donald Trump tweeted: "If the Dow Joans ever falls more than 1000 'points' in a single day, the president should be 'loaded' into a very big cannon and shot into the sun at tremendous speed. No excuses."​

The posts appear to be mocking Trump’s much commented on (here) use of Twitter, in addition to his frequent typos, some notorious examples of which can be seen here and here .​

Some posts spreading this screenshot on social media date back to February 2018, see here and here.  ​

The image recently re-surfaced on social media as the Dow Jones experienced one of its most dramatic declines in years, as fears over the spread of the coronavirus continue to grow (see here). On February 24, 2020, hours after the Dow tumbled, Trump tweeted that the coronavirus was under control in the United States, adding that the stock market was “starting to look very good to me!” (see here)​

Trump has verifiably tweeted about the Dow Jones in the past, see here and here, but an advanced query on Twitter gives no results for Tweets with the words “Dow Joans” or any other phrase in the screenshot on social media that could with certainty be attributed to Trump’s official Twitter account.​

The twitter user Shaun Usher (@ShaunUsher) recently confirmed that this tweet was fake by stating: "Tell you what. My inboxes are getting an absolute hammering at the moment. Wave upon wave of spittle. Don’t create fake tweets!"​ while embedding the tweet in this claim (see here).


False: Trump did not tweet that if the “Dow Joans” plunged, the President should be shot out of a cannon. This is a fake tweet.