Fact check: Images claiming to show Donald Trump inappropriately engaging with Ivanka Trump are photoshopped or misleading

Posts on social media claim to show images of Donald Trump in inappropriate poses alongside his daughter Ivanka Trump. Many iterations of the claim include a collage with five photographs. Two of these are authentic photographs of Trump and Ivanka, but misleading when taken out of context, while the other three images are photoshopped.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

As of May 26, 2020 the posts have been shared over 7,660 times on Facebook, for example here and here


Two images at the top of the collage capture moments from the Republican National Convention (RNC) on July 21, 2016, when Donald Trump greets Ivanka on stage after she introduces him to speak. Video footage of the event( )shows that Trump glanced down and briefly touched his daughter on the hips after kissing her on both cheeks. The two images create a misleading impression when presented as isolated moments; the video clip provides the full context.

The way Trump embraced his daughter provoked some social media stir at the time, with social media users calling the encounter “inappropriate” and “creepy” ( here ).

The original image is visible in Getty’s online library here .

The photograph on the bottom left corner, also stemming from footage from the 2016 RNC, has been photoshopped to make it look like Trump is kissing Ivanka on the lips with an open mouth.

Other versions of the manipulated image with a wider crop can be seen here and here .

The video footage confirms Trump did not kiss Ivanka on the lips but on her cheeks ( ). A different angle of the encounter is visible here ( ).

Fact-checker Politifact debunked a similar version of the altered image in 2018, visible here .


The remaining two images visible in the center and the bottom right corner have also been photoshopped to appear like Trump is touching Ivanka’s chest. The original footage actually shows Trump and Ivanka at a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina on September 6, 2016 ( here , exact moment here ).

The footage is also visible on C-SPAN ( at 2:34).

The photoshopped image in the center of the collage was featured on a Reddit “photoshop battle” from 2016 ( here , posted by user Thomilo44 among others, the exact entry can also be seen here ). The Huffington Post described the photoshopped image as being influenced by the movie “Titanic” ( here ).


Partly false. Three of the images in this collage photo post are photoshopped.

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