Fact check: False excerpt from Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ on ‘never admitting defeat’

Users on social media are sharing a purported excerpt from “Trump: Art of the Deal”, a book authored by U.S. President Donald Trump and Tony Schwartz that was published in 1987. The alleged excerpt shows Trump describing his approach on “never admitting defeat”. This is false. This quotation is not part of the “Art of the Deal”.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters after he participated in a Thanksgiving video teleconference with members of the military forces at the White House in Washington, U.S., November 26, 2020. REUTERS/Erin Scott

Examples with this claim are:  herehere , and  here  . 

The claim has attracted interest because Trump has not conceded the Nov. 3 election and repeatedly made unfounded allegations of massive voter fraud ( here ).   

The alleged extract starts with: “Art of the Deal. Chapter 45. Never admit defeat. You win. If you don’t win claim they cheated. They rigged it. They stole it.” It adds: “You are the aggrieved, but you are the true winner always. Threaten to sue and/or die. No one will remember the outcome. Just that you fought to defend your honor. This is essential to keep your brand healthy and keep the millions of chumps and losers, your base.”

While the claim says the excerpt is from “chapter 45,” the book has only 14 chapters ( here ). 

A search of key terms brought up no results of the alleged excerpt in the book. There’s no mention of “never admit defeat” ( ) , “cheated” ( ) nor “chumps and losers” ( ).  

The fabricated quote includes words like “rigged” and “stole,” which Trump has used repeatedly to refer to the Nov. 3rd election and to baselessly claim widespread voter fraud took place ( herehere ,  here )  


False. This quote is not part of Trump’s book “Art of the Deal”.

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