Fact check: TV news clip digitally altered to include adult entertainment site logo

Social media users have been sharing a video that seems to show CNN Chief National Correspondent John King swiping away a notification from PornHub on the “magic wall” while on air. This video has been digitally manipulated to include the pornographic website’s logo.

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Examples can be seen here , here , and here .

The 11-second clip shows King swiping away a notification that appears on CNN’s magic wall, an interactive screen the news organization was using to display election results and analysis. ( here ) .

The posts claim that it is a tab or a notification that appeared from PornHub, an adult entertainment platform. A closer look at the video reveals that the logo has been edited into the video as it does not fit the background of the notification, wiggles, and seems to float above the edge of the screen.

The original CNN video can be seen here and here . While it is unclear what appeared on the top right corner of the screen, it definitely was not a PornHub logo.

King responded to claims on Twitter asking if the video is real by saying: “Not. Some clown taking time away from lying about something else apparently because they don’t like math” ( here ) .

The hoax has already been reported on by news organizations and debunked by fact checker Snopes. ( here , here , here and here ) .


Altered video. The CNN video has been digitally manipulated to include the PornHub logo.

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