Fact check: Video does not show election workers fraudulently completing ballots in Delaware County, PA 

Social media users have been sharing various video from Delaware County, Pennsylvania, claiming they show poll workers filling in blank ballots and as such this is evidence of voter fraud. This claim is false, as the workers are filling in ballot papers to replace damaged ballots, in the presence of observers.

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One video from Delaware County’s live streams makes this claim, showing a woman in a black sweater, in wider shots sitting opposite a woman in a red sweater,  here  ,  here  .  

The video is a cropped clip from the livestream provided by Delaware County in Pennsylvania (same tables and carpet), which can be seen  .  

The Delaware County Bureau of Elections told Reuters via email that the original video shows “the election worker at a table with other coworkers in a room full of people with bipartisan observers a few feet away at each end of the table, closely observing the worker from approximately 6 feet away.” The observers and other workers have been deceptively cropped out.

The Bureau explained that ballots are opened by a machine extractor during processing and some ballots had been damaged during this process and could not be scanned.

They added that Hart, the scanner manufacturer, advises that the best practice for damaged ballots is to transcribe votes from the damaged ballots to a clean ballot and scan it.

“In accordance with that guidance, the Chief Clerk of the Delaware County Bureau of Elections instructed elections staff to manually transcribe the damaged ballots,” said the spokesperson. “As ballots were being transcribed, the original damaged ballots were directly beside the new ballots and bipartisan observers witnessed the process at close range.”

The Bureau confirmed that the damaged ballots have been preserved.

The Delaware County Bureau of Election posted a press release about the incident  here , further explaining what is visible in these videos.  


False. The video shows elections staff filling in new ballots with matching information to replace ballots that were damaged by a processing machine. This process occurred in the presence of observers.

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