Fact check: Video shows journalist’s filming gear in red wagon, not ballots

Social media users have been sharing posts online saying a video shows a person loading or unloading ballot boxes with a red wagon and a white van. This claim is false: it actually shows a local journalist’s filming equipment.

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Examples can be seen here and here .

The video shows a person near a white van with a red wagon holding a dark case. The video does not explicitly show any ballots, ballot boxes, or anything related.

Some posts say that the video was captured by Kellye SoRelle, a Texas lawyer, and released to Texas Scorecard, a conservative publication covering state and local government ( here , here and here ).

The article says the video showed a box was taken out of the white van, placed in the wagon and taken inside the building. The story was then picked up by the conservative website the Gateway Pundit here .

Local news station WXYZ explained in an article that the man with the wagon and white van was one of their photographers who was loading equipment after a 12-hour shift ( here , here and here ).

Rudy Harper, a WXYZ reporter, shared a photograph of the wagon and its contents on his Twitter page with the caption: “An actual photo of the wagon and box that carries a device that allows us to go live. It’s not ballots. #wagongate” ( here )


False. The man with the wagon shown in the video was a journalist loading camera equipment.

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