Europe's third COVID wave could hit Britain, warns Johnson

LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the third wave of COVID-19 infections sweeping across Europe could be heading towards Britain.

“Previous experience has taught us that when a wave hits our friends, it, I’m afraid, washes up on our shores as well and I expect that we will feel those effects in due course,” Johnson told reporters on Monday.

Asked about the risk to Britain’s vaccine programme from European Union threats to ban exports of the vaccine to the UK, Johnson said he did not think that that would happen.

“I’m reassured by talking to EU partners over the last few months, they don’t want to see blockades, I think that’s very very important,” the Prime Minister said.

Britain would be continuing with its vaccination programme, he said, confirming that the plan to ease restrictions in line with the roadmap was on track.

Reporting by Sarah Young; Editing by Kate Holton