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Factbox: Countries whose travellers will be tested for COVID in French airports

(Reuters) - People arriving from 12 countries outside the European Union where the COVID-19 infection rate is deemed to be high will be subject to compulsory testing on arrival at French airports and sea ports from Aug. 1.

Also under the new rules, only French citizens or people who are resident in France will be able to travel to France from the countries on the list.

Here are the countries affected by the measure, according to the Regional Health Agency for the Paris region, a state public health body.

* South Africa

* Kuwait

* Qatar

* Israel

* Brazil

* Peru

* Serbia

* Algeria

* Turkey

* Madagascar

* India

* Oman

Travellers from four other countries will be required to get tested for COVID-19 before travelling to France. The test has to be conducted within 72 hours of the departure for France. Travellers have to show a negative test result on arrival. Those four countries are:

* United States

* United Arab Emirates

* Bahrain

* Panama

Reporting by Christian Lowe