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German ambassador to Iceland found dead in car

REYKJAVIK (Reuters) - Icelandic police said on Tuesday that Germany’s ambassador to the country had been found dead in his car after apparently driving off the road and into a river in the north of the island.

“The ambassador’s death is being investigated as an accident,” said Stefan Vagn Stefansson, chief superintendent of police in Saudarkrokur, a town in northern Iceland.

The ambassador, Karl-Ulrich Mueller, had left Reykjavik on Saturday and was heading to Akureyri in the north of Iceland, Stefansson told Reuters.

He was reported missing on Monday morning, sparking a search operation by police and rescue units using helicopters. Mueller was found dead in his car in the north of the volcanic island later in the day.

Police said it appeared his car had driven off the road and into a river. It was not immediately clear whether he had died from the injuries related to the crash or from other causes.

He had been ambassador to Iceland since 2007.