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Japan PM Abe - too early to discuss specific revisions to constitution

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TOKYO (Reuters) - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Sunday it is too early to discuss specific revisions to Japan’s pacifist constitution as more debate is needed among various parties.

“At this point, it’s meaningless to say yes or no” over potential specific revisions to the constitution, Abe said in a TV interview as results were being counted from an election for the upper house of parliament.

“I have two more years to my term (as Liberal Democratic Party president) and this is a goal of the LDP, so I want to address it calmly,” Abe also said.

Abe’s ruling coalition and like-minded parties got the two-thirds “super majority” needed to try to revise the post-war constitution for the first time, some TV exit polls showed.

Reporting by Minami Funakoshi; Editing by William Mallard