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Latvia exit poll reaffirms pro-Europe stance

People vote during a general election at a polling station in Riga, Latvia October 6, 2018. REUTERS/Ints Kalnins

RIGA (Reuters) - Latvia’s pro-Russian party Harmony, regularly the biggest party but never in government, looks set to top polls again in Saturday’s general election, but pro-Europe parties registered strong gains, an exit poll suggested.

The poll conducted by national broadcaster LTV said Harmony got 19.4 percent while Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis’ party Union of Greens and Farmers got 9.7 percent and populist newcomers KPV LV got 11.5 percent.

In an upset, liberal party the Development/For got 13.4 percent and the conservative National Alliance got 12.6 percent. Both have strongly pro-European stances.

The current ruling coalition of Union of Greens and Farmers, the National Alliance and Unity together got 29.2 percent, meaning they would have to find at least one other coalition member to form a majority government.

Reporting by Johan Ahlander and Gederts Gelzis, Editing by William Maclean