Sauber to miss Silverstone F1 test

LONDON (Reuters) - Struggling Sauber will miss next week’s post-British Grand Prix Formula One test to save money, the Swiss team said on Wednesday.

Sauber said on Twitter that, since an aerodynamic update was planned for a later stage, they had decided to cancel their involvement in the test “considering cost effectiveness”.

A two-day test starting on Tuesday is scheduled for the Silverstone circuit after Sunday’s race.

Sauber, the only team yet to score a point this season, have suffered financial difficulties and also skipped the previous in-season test in Barcelona in May because of a lack of updates and a suitable test driver.

They have not made any significant upgrades to their car since the start of the season in March but sounded more optimistic in Austria last weekend, when team manager Beat Zehnder said June salaries had at least been paid on time.

“Paying the salaries, the outstanding salaries, is part of a comprehensive solution we were still working on,” he said then. “Obviously, there is a change in atmosphere because now everyone believes again that there is a future.”

Reporting by Alan Baldwin; Editing by John O’Brien