Oil & Money conference rebranded to reflect energy transition

LONDON (Reuters) - One of the world’s leading oil and gas conferences, Oil & Money, will change its name to the Energy Intelligence Forum to reflect the world’s shift to cleaner energy in the fight against climate change, its organizers said on Tuesday.

The move comes as the New York Times, which has sponsored the event since it started 40 years ago, decided to end its sponsorship. In a statement on Tuesday the newspaper said the conference’s subject matter “gives us cause for concern”.

The high-profile conference regularly draws the leaders of the world’s top oil and gas companies including Royal Dutch Shell, BP and Total.

It has in recent years become a lightning rod for activists protesting the role of energy companies in climate change.

At last year’s event, protesters glued themselves to the entrance doors, disrupting the conference. Fossil fuel burning is blamed for most of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions that have led to global warming.

The conference’s organizer, Energy Intelligence, said the name change will take effect next year.

“The energy industry is changing, and as our conference programme has evolved in recent years to address the challenges of climate change and the energy transition, we felt that our conference needed a new identity and a new mandate,” the industry news and data provider said.

Alex Schindelar, president of Energy Intelligence, said the New York Times’ decision had accelerated plans to announce a rebranding of the event.

Reporting by Ron Bousso and Julia Payne; editing by David Evans