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FACTBOX - Leaders who have faced impeachment

(Reuters) - Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo pardoned former president Joseph Estrada on Thursday, setting aside his conviction and life sentence on charges of plunder.

Estrada was impeached for corruption in 2000 and ousted by an army-backed revolt the following year after his trial in the Senate collapsed.

Following are details of some other leaders who have faced impeachment:

Aug 1974 - U.S. President Richard Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment for his role in covering up the break-in at Democrat party headquarters in the Watergate office complex.

Dec 1992 - Brazil’s suspended president, Fernando Collor de Mello, resigned minutes after the Senate opened an impeachment trial that could have led to his removal from office on corruption charges. He was later cleared in court.

Dec 1998 - The U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Bill Clinton in relation to a sex scandal, setting the stage for only the second Senate trial in American history to determine if a president should be removed from office. Clinton survived the trial.

March 1999 - Paraguay’s president, Raul Cubas, was impeached by Congress for freeing a convicted coup leader and was blamed for the killing of his vice president, Luis Maria Argana. He resigned before Congress could remove him from office.

May 1999 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin escaped impeachment on five charges of misrule after his opponents failed to muster enough votes to start proceedings.

Dec 2000 - Philippine President Estrada’s impeachment trial on corruption charges began. The allegations sparked a popular revolt in January 2001 that forced him from office. He was accused of amassing $80 million (39 million pounds) from state coffers and bribes while in power. In September 2007, Estrada was jailed for life for illegally amassing $12 million, but was allowed him to remain under house arrest pending an appeal.

Feb 2003 - Paraguay’s Senate voted not to remove President Luis Gonzalez Macchi from office, clearing him of corruption charges.

March 2004 - The South Korean National Assembly voted to unseat President Roh Moo-hyun for violating an election law, economic mismanagement and corruption among aides. His powers were suspended, but restored two months later after a ruling by the Constitutional Court.

Aug 2006 - Philippine President Arroyo comfortably beat an impeachment vote. Her opponents had accused her of election fraud, corruption and human rights abuses. Arroyo, due to serve until 2010, survived a previous bid to remove her in 2005.

May 2007 - Romanian ruling and opposition parties accused President Traian Basescu of being power-hungry and manipulative, corrupt and involved in illicit secret police activity. In April, parliament removed him from office for 30 days pending an impeachment referendum in which Romanians were to answer the question: “Do you agree with the dismissal of President Traian Basescu?” Some 74 percent of Romanians rejected impeachment.