Angry fans steal players' pizzas after 3-0 defeat

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Fans of Brazilian football club Portuguesa, angry at their team’s 3-0 defeat, intercepted a delivery of fast food to the home dressing room and ate 10 pizzas destined for the players, one of the supporters told Reuters on Wednesday.

The Sao Paulo club lost 3-0 against Oeste on Tuesday and the club ordered pizzas, as they usually do, for the players to eat after the game.

Yet fans at the Caninde stadium, who were angry at the club’s recent record of one win in five games, intercepted the delivery.

“I think the delivery boy came in the wrong gate, he was supposed to go to the home dressing room but he drove in front of the fans who were leaving the ground,” Lucas Ventura, a Portuguesa fan and owner of Netlusa, a fans’ forum, told Reuters.

“One guy said to the delivery boy, ‘Who’s that for?’ and when he said, ‘the players’, the fans got the money together and paid him 300 reais ($94) for them,” Ventura said.

“They gave four to the cleaner and the guy on the turnstile and other staff and kept the other six for themselves. The fans were furious. But they cheered up a bit after eating the pizza.”

Reuters tried to contact the club by telephone, but they could not be reached for comment.

Portuguesa were once one of the biggest clubs in Sao Paulo but have fallen on hard times since being relegated from the national league’s Serie A in 2013.

They fell to Serie D last year and are struggling in the second division of the Sao Paulo state championship.

Tuesday’s defeat leaves the club in 12th place in the 16-team table with only four points from a possible 15.

Reporting by Andrew Downie; Editing by Toby Davis