With homemade football shirts, St Pauli go their own way

BERLIN (Reuters) - Second division St Pauli will produce their own line of team shirts and sports clothes from the 2021/22 season instead of signing up with a major clothing manufacturer, in order to become more sustainable, the club said on Sunday.

The Hamburg second division side, long defined by an alternative fan scene that grew out of the punk movement and a left-wing supporter base, said it had been looking for a clothing provider to meet its sustainability and fairness standards since 2018.

Having failed to do so, the club has decided to produce its own sports clothes.

“With our own teamsport collection, we are following our way of independence,” club president Oke Goettlich said in a statement.

“The strength of a members-based club is shown in the ability to adopt ideas of our members. Don’t always keep whining but instead go and make it better yourself.”

Club officials said that while it was financially risky to go without the secure revenues offered by a clothing company, the decision to produce its own line of some 55 different items for next season offered more independence.

St Pauli’s current contract is with Under Armour.

The club is known for social projects in the community and its support for refugees and minorities as well as environmental actions such as installing beehives in their stadium roof to raise environmental awareness.

The entire collection will be available from May 2021 but the home shirt for next season will go on sale before Christmas.

Reporting by Karolos Grohmann; Editing by Hugh Lawson