FIFA take no action in World Cup "spying" case

BEIJING (Reuters) - FIFA has opted against taking any action after Denmark officials asked football’s governing body to probe security at the Women’s World Cup after men were found covertly filming a “tactical session” at their Wuhan hotel.

Team officials also discovered men with cameras at a closed training session on Monday, ahead of their opening match against hosts China two days later, team spokeswoman Pia Schou Nielsen said on Thursday.

“We’ve had some frustrating experiences with people watching us with hidden cameras at a closed training session,” Nielsen told Reuters by telephone.

“The next day there were people behind a glass wall at our hotel as we were making preparations,” Nielsen said.

“After that we involved the police and (football governing body) FIFA... Hopefully we will get some answers,” she added.

FIFA, however, said it had “examined the case” with the Danish delegation and the hotel but no further action would be taken.

“Following their investigations, FIFA and team Denmark decided not to pursue the case further,” FIFA said in a statement e-mailed to Reuters later on Thursday.

Nielsen said Denmark officials called security after finding two men with “large cameras” she said were “hiding” in a building at the team’s training ground.

“The men said they did not know it was a closed training session,” Nielsen said.

The following day, Denmark officials found two men with a camera in a room behind a mirror facing a meeting room in which the team were having a “tactical session”.

Nielsen said officials discovered the men after joking that there might be spies monitoring them from behind the mirror.

Upon being discovered, the men refused to come out, Nielsen said, adding that the men were Chinese. “But we have no idea who they were.”

She said Denmark contacted FIFA, who sent officials to the hotel.

“They saw the men and spoke to them,” she said.

Denmark lost 3-2 to China in Wednesday’s match after a late strike by midfielder Song Xiaoli gave the hosts victory.