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Factbox: Key points of Spanish pact for leftist government

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain’s Socialist acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the leader of far-left Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, signed a preliminary agreement on Tuesday aiming to form what they called a “progressive” coalition government.

Spanish acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Unidas Podemos (Together We Can) leader Pablo Iglesias shake hands during a news conference at Spain's Parliament in Madrid, Spain, November 12, 2019. REUTERS/Sergio Perez

They will need more parties to join them to have a majority in parliament.

Following are the key points of the deal:

* Make Spain a point of reference in social rights in Europe; defend freedom, tolerance and respect democratic values

* Consolidate economic growth and job creation, combat precarious labour conditions

* Fiscal justice and budget balance. Spending controls are essential for solid and lasting wellbeing of the state

* Guarantee coexistence in Catalonia and normalise political life there after a secession crisis by promoting dialogue and seeking understanding, always based on the Spanish Constitution

* Strengthen autonomy of the regions, guaranteeing equality for all Spaniards

* Fight corruption

* Protect public services, especially in education and healthcare

* Ensure the sustainability of the pension system and pension adjustments to the cost of living

* Housing as a right and not a commodity

* Fight climate change

* Strengthen small and medium-sized companies, make a push for reindustrialisation

* Ensure the right to dignified death, euthanasia

* Safeguard diversity, fight male chauvinist violence, promote gender equality.

Reporting by Belen Carreno and Andrei Khalip