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Catalan regional leader says violent protest must stop

FILE PHOTO: Catalan Regional President Quim Torra gestures as he speaks during a news conference after Spain's Supreme Court jailed nine Catalan separatist leaders for between nine and 13 years for their role in a failed independence bid, at regional government headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, October 15, 2019. REUTERS/Albert Gea

MADRID (Reuters) - The leader of Spain’s Catalonia region condemned increasing unrest in the city of Barcelona on Thursday, as protests intensified three days after nine leaders of a 2017 independence bid were sentenced to up to 13 years in jail.

“We condemn violence,” Quim Torra said in a televised address after midnight, according to a translation of the Catalan language provided by Spain’s state broadcaster.

“We cannot let these incidents happen in our country. This has to stop right now.”

Reporting by Andres Gonzalez, writing by Isla Binnie