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Swedish election: parliament seats by party

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Swedes voted in a general election on Sunday with preliminary results showing no party or bloc winning a majority and no clear answer to which parties will be able to govern without support from the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party.

The preliminary distribution of the 349 seats in the new parliament looks as follows (previous number of seats in brackets):

Social Democrats 101 (113)

Green Party 15 (25)

Left Party 28 (21)

Centre-left bloc (Soc Dems, Greens, Left) 144 (159)

Moderates 70 (84)

Centre Party 30 (22)

Liberals 19 (19)

Christian Democrats 23 (16)

Centre-right bloc (Moderates, Centre, Liberals, Christian Dems 142 (141)

Sweden Democrats 63 (49)

Reporting by Stockholm Newsroom