RottenTomatoes hails "Casino" and "Queen" as top seeds

A scene from "Casino Royale" in a photo courtesy of MGM/Columbia Pictures. The film was the best-reviewed wide-release of the year, according to, which aggregates reviews online. REUTERS/Handout

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - “Casino Royale” and “The Queen” were the two best-reviewed films of 2006, according to, which aggregates reviews online.

The site, operated by Fox Interactive Media, said that “Casino” was the best-reviewed wide-release film of the year, scoring a positive rating of 95 percent.

“Queen” was hailed as best-reviewed limited-release film of the year, picking up a near-unanimous 98 percent rating. At the other end of the scale, it lobbed a moldy tomato at “Basic Instinct 2”, which it called the worst-reviewed film of the year.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter