Republicans in London celebrate Trump's inauguration

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LONDON (Reuters) - Under the gaze of a life-sized cardboard figure of Donald Trump, some 200 of his supporters gathered at an exclusive club near the Ritz hotel in London to celebrate Friday’s inauguration of America’s 45th president.

Bunches of red, white and blue balloons, some of them star-shaped, adorned the walls of the Royal Over-Seas League where Trump’s appearance on the balcony outside the domed U.S. Capitol was greeted with whooping and cheering.

As he completed the oath, the room broke into a standing ovation complete with high-five celebrations.

Later, Trump’s inaugural speech was punctuated with cheers, especially his pledge to eradicate “radical Islamic terrorism”, while at the end the room chorused along with Trump’s trademark promise to make America great again.

“The speech was great - Mr Trump just touched the most important subjects for America,” said Polish-born university professor Victoria Gorska-Rabuck.

“His speech was very appropriate, very uplifting and promises a lot. We hope he can deliver what he promised,” she told Reuters.

Businessman David Pattinson said he thought Trump would be a successful president.

“I think he’ll succeed in cutting government spending although I don’t know whether he will be successful in getting rid of the establishment,” he said.

“I wasn’t surprised when he won, I was satisfied,” he added. “I was expecting him to win. It was the same with Brexit in how the polls got it wrong.”

Reporting by Alistair Smout; writing by Stephen Addison; Editing by Dominic Evans