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U.S. aid agency delivers almost 36,000 tonnes of wheat to Yemen

KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has delivered 35,800 tonnes of wheat to Yemen, enough to feed more than 1 million people for two months, it said on Friday.

The wheat aid estimated at around $21 million (£13.4 million) will be unloaded at Yemen’s Port of Saleef.

“After the wheat is milled into flour, it will be distributed throughout Yemen as part of the United Nations World Food Program’s monthly food rations provided to the most vulnerable food-insecure families,” it said.

The food situation in Yemen, which is embroiled in a four-month civil war, has reached emergency levels close to famine in many provinces, the United Nations has said.

Reporting by Reem Shamseddine; Editing by David Holmes